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From: James Anderson



Dear Fellow Sufferer -

I have a feeling I know why you may have visited this website today. My name is James Anderson and I have had issues with tonsils stones for as long as I can remember. Even as a teenager, I would cough up or accidentally swallow very unusual yellowish colored, smelly chunks. I was much too embarrassed to tell anyone, so I tried to keep the problem hidden from my friends, and more importantly, my relationships with women.

As I grew older, I worked in sales and had a lot of customers and clients. I had been able to close deals with just about everyone I came in contact with, and eventually got a reputation for being firm and honest in my business dealings.

Over time, however, I found out a very painful fact about myself: One day my wife told me that my breath was absolutely horrible, to the point of smelling putrid, and that it was not just a one-time thing. She told me this had been going on for quite a while, and it was then that I realized it was also having a negative effect on our sex life.

Once she told me, I also noticed the way my clients had been reacting toward me, and that it was interfering with my work and career. I was definitely humiliated, and felt so ashamed. I suddenly went from being likeable and well-renowned with my clients, to the guy with the awful breath that people tried to avoid. I always disliked smelling bad breath when other people got too close, but now that person was me!

Since I’ve always been very serious about doing things right and being well respected and liked, this news made me so self-conscious that I suddenly became depressed.

Nothing I did made the smelly breath go away: breath mints, mouthwash, brushing my teeth several times a day; it all seemed to be for naught. It had been a long time since those weird little chunks had been visible to me, so I almost completely forgot about that time in my life.

Once I thought about it, the memories came flooding back – an almost sulfur like stench that was reminiscent of dog excrement. I know it sounds horrible, but this is the smell I remember vividly. That’s when it hit me: those little nasty chunks in my throat just HAD to be the reason why my breath smelled so awful! I knew I had to swallow my pride and find out how to get some help.

“There Was No Way I Would Be Able To Pretend The Issue Did Not Exist, It Was Taking Over My Entire Lifestyle.”

I got fed up and decided that I needed to make an appointment with the dentist to discuss the problems I was having. I was positive that a dentist knew how to handle something like this…

As soon as I told my dentist about the small little gobs in my throat, he acted as if he’d never heard of this problem before. I was shocked to say the least. How could a dental professional not know anything about this?

She did mention that food might be getting wedged in between my teeth or in the hollow socket area of the mouth if I had any teeth pulled and never got them capped. While this did make sense, I don’t think she was fully grasping the scope of my problem – the little while pieces that I was coughing up had to be coming from somewhere much further back in my throat.

My dentist gave me a good teeth-cleaning routine and of course, I got the huge bill afterwards. Unfortunately, nothing changed. I decided there was much more research I needed to do to find out how to fix his nightmarish problem…

“Something You May Not Know About Doctors: Their Theories Often Fail..."

The next logical step was to try and make a doctor’s appointment in the hopes that they could help me figure out a solution to my dilemma.

I found a local primary care physician in the Chicago (Illinois) area and made the soonest appointment possible. I wanted this problem over!

Once I got to the appointment, I explained everything in detail: I found very odd, yellow or white gobs of a horrible smelling substance. There was often a weird feeling that would bother me, and it always occurred in the back of my throat – like something was stuck back there. Then, I would end up either accidentally swallowing it, or coughing it up.

When I told my doctor the details, he looked like he was completely amazed. He admitted that he had never heard of this issue with any other patient before me. Of course, his first reaction was to look at my throat to check for any signs of infection… and he found something interesting.

The doctor told me he saw whitish colored protrusions coming out of my tonsils, and told me he wasn’t sure what they were exactly. He did mention that there were abscesses on my tonsils, and sometimes food and other things can get stuck there.

The possible diagnosis he gave me was tonsillitis, and referred me to an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

"The Visit to My Ear, Nose And Throat Doctor: A Partially Successful Visit…"

I’ll try to make this as short as possible – the ear, nose, and throat doctor said I definitely had something called tonsilloliths, which means “tonsil stone.” He said it’s a by product of phlegm that builds up which is basically a combination of bacteria and decaying food matter.

After a while, this matter starts to grow like little cysts, almost like pearls in an oyster. They grow rather slowly, and as their size increases they build up more and more bacteria and other disgusting, lumpy material.

I felt nauseous when he told me, but at the same time I felt a little bit relieve. I then asked the doctor what the next step was to get rid of them.

At that point, he told me surgery was really the only option, and that they would need to be removed, which was going to be rather costly.

I decided to decline the surgery. I am TERRIFIED of any kind of surgical procedure. It seems these days, doctors are more anxious to put you under the knife and cut out the problem, for a fast solution and the almighty dollar. The doctor even told me that the procedure is very expensive, and it is a lot more painful for adults than it is for children.

"I Was Frustrated With The Doctor’s Advice, So Instead, I Ventured Out to Find a Real Cure On My Own.”

Armed with this new information, I decided to do some research of my own. I went to the library and checked online. When this first started, there was not as much information on tonsils stones on the World Wide Web. Even now, there isn’t a whole lot out there.

I decided to be brave and admit my problem by telling other people about it just to find out what others had to say. I quickly discovered I was not the only one going through this! It was then that I realized just how many other people had the exact same problem known as tonsilloliths.

Eventually I came up with my very own regimen of ways to combat this putrid problem. I discovered what causes the tonsil stone and what I could do to eliminate them coming to fruition. There ARE ways to actually physically remove the stones. I was so relieved!

"With Everything I Went Through, I Came Up With A Helpful Digital Handbook – And It’s Here For You, Just A Simple Click At Your Disposal.”

Believe it. I am ready to help share my past issues and new solutions with YOU in a simple to use and read PDF guide that can answer all of the many questions you have about your tonsil stones. I am not a physician, but I am sure that I know more than most doctors out there, since I’ve been through the experience of tonsil stones myself. I have completely educated myself about tonsil stones, unlike the doctors I have encountered. I’ve done this through a lot of educational research and of course, my very own trials and tribulations.

Other people have been able to save themselves a great deal of embarrassment, time, and grief by downloading my PDF guide and learning how to completely get rid of the tonsil stone that have haunted them. Please take the time to read their testimonials below...

"My Life Has Definitely Changed For the Better..."

Today, I’m completely free of all tonsil stones. I have done so much thorough research that I even came up with some all-natural strategies to get rid of them. No more tonsil stones here! I feel completely confident when I speak to people, and I am not afraid to show the whole world who I am on the sales page. There are no longer embarrassing social moments when it comes to the bad breath I used to deal with on a daily basis. You could say I am truly a surviving member of Tonsil Stones , and I am proud to tell the entire world (through the Internet, of course)!

So please download my eBook and I am sure you will see the many benefits it has to coffer. I am completely confident in my product so you can return it for any reason if not satisfied and I’ll be happy to provide a full refund without any questions asked whatsoever.


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I'd like to thank you for your time in reading this letter.

If you had any questions about Tonsil Stones, please send me an email to:

James Anderson at

All the Best,


James Anderson



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